Beijing Opera Show

Beijing Opera Show

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Traditional dancing

Incredible costumes and makeup


Stunning choreography

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1 ora

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19:30 , 20:40

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Make the most of your stay in Beijing and see a Beijing Opera Show!

The Beijing Opera Show is a performance which mixes song, dance, music, theatre, acrobatics and martial arts. The theatre is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Of all the Chinese Operas, Beijing Opera is the most recent but definitely the best known.

During the different scenes the artists will bring to life heroic characters and sometimes animals or celestial creatures often involved in fight scenes.

This unique and traditional show will enchant your ears as well as your eyes. The colourful costumes, stunning make-up and incredible music will completely transport you!

Luogo di partenza

Buono a sapersi

  • Availability: every day (excluding exceptional dates)
  • Departure time: 7:30pm, 8:40pm 
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Location: Beijing Opera 
  • Language: Chinese

Il prezzo include

  • Entry to Beijing Opera
  • Admission to the show

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  • Tips
  • Return transport to the opera
  • All other extras



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